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“Take the stress out of home improvement, with a company you can trust.”

There are a million reasons to upgrade your home. But where do you turn? Who do you trust with your home? 1800Remodel aims to be the most trusted name in home improvement, and connects you with the best pros in the industry.

About 1-800-Remodel

The residential home-remodeling industry has been steadily growing. With potentially hundreds of contractors competing for any given job, choosing the right contractor has become a daunting task.

At 1-800-Remodel, Inc., our goal is to make dealing with this ever-growing industry an easy and stress-free experience. We truly believe that you deserve to see only high-quality contractors bidding on your project.
Every business decision we make is guided by our mission statement: Simplify the home-remodeling business to help homeowners make informed decisions.

All companies in our network are pre-screened, so that you can choose a contractor with confidence, knowing that they have many satisfied clients behind them.

We also believe that the more informed you are, the better equipped you are to make efficient, cost-saving decisions. To that end, we provide up-to-date information, tips, tricks, and guidelines to help get remodeling jobs — of any scope — done on time, on budget, and with minimal complications.


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Upgrading your home just makes sense. You can lower your energy bills, increase your home value, and enjoy your home's beauty.

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Instead of shopping around yourself, with all the risks and time involved, 1800Remodel connects you with the most trusted names in the industry.

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