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1-800 Remodel Home Improvement
Price Match Guarantee

What is the 1-800 Remodel Home Improvement Price Match Guarantee?

We agree to either: (a) beat a genuine and official written quote from a licensed CA contractor for the following job/product types: Roof Replacement, New Kitchen Remodeling, New Bathroom Remodeling, New Flooring and Replacement Windows (of at least 5 windows) or (b) pay the homeowner $500.00, according to the following terms and conditions:

(1) Timeline: Our Price Match Guarantee is valid for competitors’ written estimates prepared and dated prior to (but no more than 30 days prior to) the date that 1-800 Remodel provides you with its in-home estimate. We must receive the competitor’s estimate prior to providing our own estimate, and will be given three business days (excluding company holidays) after we receive the competitor’s estimate to provide you with notice confirming that we will match the competitor’s price. In the event that we determine (in our sole discretion) that the competitor’s quote is incomplete (e.g. if it does not specify which materials and/or services are included, does not include a project sketch, does not identify the warranty, if any, etc.), our three business day period to determine whether to price match will not commence until we have confirmed in writing that the competitor’s quote has been supplemented with all of the missing details that we have inquired about. In the unlikely event that we decline to match the competitor’s price, we will send $500 to your home address within fourteen days after the verified completion of all of the quoted work, at the rate quoted, by the specific general contractor who made the quote. We reserve the right to confirm completion of the work at the quoted price by, without limitation, inspecting the work and requiring a notarized affidavit from the homeowner reaffirming that their project has been completed and that they have paid the competitor the price quoted on the competitor’s written estimate.

(2) Matching Services, Only by Licensed General Contractors: Our Price Match Guarantee is not a promise of a lower price no matter what. Rather, it is a promise to offer the lowest price possible for the same quality, materials, services and warranty specified in your requested renovations. The matching services must be offered by a competitor which is licensed as a general contractor in the State of California, with its principal place of business operations in ______, _______ or _______ Counties. As stated above, we reserve the right to verify that the competitor satisfies these criteria, and that their project quote has the same specifications as ours.

Why do they have to be a “Licensed General Contractor”?

These days there are many fly-by-night, unlicensed workers claiming to be ____________. These “companies” are here today, gone tomorrow in most cases and do not carry the licensing, insurance or, most importantly, the knowledge and experience to qualify as a true competitor. They survive by undercutting honest, secure companies until the market turns or they make a mistake and damage a home putting them out of business. They are not able to provide the quality or service that we can and when you need them most, they will be gone. That is why our Price Match Guarantee applies only to quotes that you receive from licensed general contractors.

(3) Limited Quantity and Duration: We reserve the right to limit quantities of renovation projects sold to a single customer in which the customer triggers our Price Match Guarantee by delivering competitors’ quotes. We also reserve the right to terminate the Price Match Guarantee at any time, with or without notice.