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FLOORS: Hardwood Floors

Few remodeling projects can bring elegance to your home like the timeless beauty of hardwood floors.

With hardwood flooring, you can create distinctiveness and value that will last a lifetime. A hardwood

floor complements any home design you currently have or want to create — from the traditional to the

most modern, and anything in between. There are no boundaries with hardwood floors.


Although hardwood floors have increased in popularity these days, they are not a new phenomenon. In

medieval times people became increasingly tired of living on dirt surfaces, so they began laying crude

planks. Things have changed for the better. With the help of modern technology, the art and science of

wood flooring has reached new heights. Today, it is easier than ever for the average homeowner to have

hardwood flooring. And the cost will not floor you!


One of the most desirable and important features of hardwood floors is easy maintenance. Through

the years, higher quality coatings and sealants have been developed, thus eliminating the work that

was once required to maintain the beauty of hardwood flooring. Hardwood floors require special care

periodically, but the products on the market today are user friendly. You can keep them in top shape on

a daily basis by a mere sweeping and dusting.


Hardwood floors are environmentally friendly: they are made from a renewable resource. People often

use hardwood taken from old houses that are being torn down, and recycle it in their homes. Wood

floors do not attract the dust that often collects on carpeting. If a family member has an allergy or a

breathing disorder, this may be another reason for installing hardwood floors — it is a healthy choice.


When it comes to selecting flooring, there is a wide array of choices. Each type of wood – such as maple,

ash, oak, and hickory – has its own grain and texture. Until a short time ago, “exotic” hardwoods from

various parts of the world were accessible only to high-end commercial designers and architects. But

today, these beautiful woods are available to you, the homeowner, in increasing varieties. Chestnut,

Brazilian Walnut, Santos Mahogany, and Tiger Wood are a few of the options. In many cases, they are

stronger and more durable than the classic choices.


In the past, no one would have considered installing hardwood floors in their kitchen. With all of the

traffic and the risk of water damage, dings, and scratches, it was not practical. But with the availability

of bamboo and walnut, the homeowner need no longer be concerned with dropping an item while

cooking, or spilling liquids on the floor. Hardwood is not only feasible, but it is suitable flooring for the

tough environment of the kitchen.


After selecting the type of wood you want, you can choose from a wide range of varnishes and

stains. For a more traditional and warm atmosphere, go with a darker color. For a more casual and

contemporary feeling, a light stain works best. Depending on your tastes, you can have a floor with a

glossy shine or a quieter satin finish.


To add individuality, you can integrate designs and patterns into your floors. Gone are the days when

one-length, staggered oak strips were the only possibility. Varied geometrical configurations, borders,

medallions, custom stains, and hand painted designs are increasingly popular with homeowners. You

can mix different species of hardwoods to give your floor a one-of-a-kind look. Consider combining

wood flooring with other materials, such as stone, slate, or ceramic tiles. Anything goes!


If you are someone who loves the idea of hardwood floors, but also enjoys the quiet, warm, and

cushiony feeling of carpeting, don’t fret. You can combine the two in any room or hallway and have a

beautiful blending of both worlds. One will accent and offset the other.


If you consider your house to be an investment, with plans to sell it in the future, there is hardly an

investment that will provide you with a more profitable return like hardwood floors. While many

decorating fads and designs quickly go out of style, hardwood provides a timeless and classic quality to

any home. Surveys done by realtors confirm that properties with hardwood floors sell faster and have

higher price tags than homes with other types of flooring.


Whatever your reasons for wanting hardwood floors in the home, you will not be disappointed. It is

something people never grow tired of. The longer you have these floors, the more you will grow to love

them. And if you don’t believe me, ask anyone who has hardwood flooring.